Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mission Possible Spiritual Covering by D.L. McCarragher

Book Description:
This small book is a powerful tool for any woman who is married to a man who does not share her passion for Jesus. Every woman knows someone who is struggling with this subject. MISSION POSSIBLE will encourage and challenge the reader to possess a radical faith for their spouse and future together. God's Word never returns void, and your "mission" will become a possible one. This is a book you will read over and over again.

My Thoughts:
I loved this book!  The author tells her story while showing a clear path to help bring your spouse to Christ.  Each chapter encourages and strengthens the arguments for you to stay true to the course and believe with all of your being that you won't spend eternity without your husband.  The scriptures throughout are well researched and just perfect.  There are questions at the end of each chapter to help you in your journey.   
I rate this a 5/5.  If you are a woman or know a woman in a spiritually uneven union, this book is wonderful!  Honestly, I think this book would do just as well for a husband with an unsaved wife but it is written from a wife's perspective.

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  1. Ashely - thanks so much for hosting me and my book "Mission Possible". I appreciate your kind words and pray that women who need the hope and encouragement my book offers will indeed see it on your blog! God bless you!